I started my journey in beauty therapy at 14 years old.  I worked at Spa Noele in Maldon, whilst at college and then became a therapist and further on I was the In-house trainer for all new staff members.

Noele sold the Spa and with her left the heart and soul of the business.  I decided to branch out and take my passion for high quality therapy and wellbeing into the comfort of my client’s homes and started a mobile business.  My love for the industry led me to want to educate future therapists to share the same passion for what they practice.  I was due to start the second part of my teaching qualification in September 2011.

In August 2011 I broke my back and my life changed overnight.  I was advised to not continue with therapy, as I was a mobile therapist and carrying around all my equipment, as well as the treatments, would have had an impact on my back.

I started my family in 2013 and ‘started again’.  I trained in early years childcare and balanced my time with working in a nursery and childminding from home.

My passion for treating clients and enabling them to escape the stresses of everyday life, never left my heart during my 10 year break.  I have been desperate to return to what runs through my veins….making others feel good about themselves.

I have been truly blessed to not have experienced the medical complications; first predicted and now have the extra blessing of a space to create my own treatment room.

To have the opportunity to do what I love, once more, is nothing short of a miracle.  I have come so far in this journey we call life and I am beyond excited to announce I am Back from the ‘beauty ashes’.

I invite you to come and visit when you just need some time out to re-straighten your crown and rise from the ashes.

Loren x